Monday, July 5, 2010

What on earth is the Dukan Diet?

Aitkens was all the craze and so was the South Beach Diet, but now it seems we’re all wanting to know about the Dukan Diet. According to Google Trends, it is one of the fatest growing web searches here in Western Australia.

It always disturbs me when a diet 'trend' begins to gain traction. People begin to climb on board the bandwagon without any clue on what the diet is or if it will suit their lifestyle or their physique.  I personally feel ‘diets’ are dangerous and lead to yo-yo weight loss/gain.

I believe the key to successful weight loss and maintenance is not to follow a diet, but to find a system of healthy eating that you can live with for the rest of your life that balances your needs, your lifestyle and your goal weight. I am proud to say using this method I (slowly) lost 12 kilos.

The Dukan diet first came to my attention when my husband asked me about it as several colleagues were following this system. When I was asked again just a few days later what I knew about it by a friend, I thought it was time to know more.

It turns out the Dukan diet is based on the teachings of Pierre Dukan and focuses on ‘losing weight naturally. The premise seems to be that French people don't get fat so this diet is really revealing the secrets to how French people really eat...

Here’s the skinny (sorry, bad taste) straight from - so don't hold me accountable for the grammar or spelling:

Losing weight when there is an abundance of food around you is not natural, is difficult and often unsuccessful. The Dukan method recommends losing weight naturally, with a return to the foods that founded the human species, those eaten by primitive man, the hunter-gatherers, proteins and vegetables, 100 foods including 72 from the animal world and 28 from the plant world. This offer also features the magic words: "AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE".

Slimming advice for losing weight naturally

One of the major advantages of our slimming method is its strong integrated support structure. If you follow our slimming advices to the letter, you will lose weight regularly.

A method for losing and stabilizing your weight in 4 phases

4 phases which occupy the dieter from day one so that they never again feel like abandoning the diet.

4 phases, from the strongest, most supported and effective, to the most open and stabilizing. 

4 phases to be carried out successively in order to reach the ideal weight target: lose weight naturally, rapidly and stabilize for good 

1 – A brief and headlong ATTACK phase with immediate results. During this phase, the diet is made up of 72 high-protein foods.

2 - A CRUISING phase leading to the ideal weight. During this phase, the diet alternates Pure Protein days (PP phases) and Proteins accompanied with 28 recommended Vegetables (PL phases).
3 - A CONSOLIDATION phase of 10 days per kg lost which prepares for the return to a balanced diet. Monitored freedom with a target of establishing this freshly conquered and still vulnerable ideal weight. This phase sees the gradual return of pleasurable foods with two festive meals.
4 - A definitive stabilization phase based on 3 simple, concrete, easy but non-negotiable measures. This phase is both the easiest and most essential in our slimming method because 95% of people who follow a diet put back on the weight they have lost.

By the way, if you want it in layman's terms the first 'attack' phase has you eating only protein for the first week. The second phase means you can introduce vegetables every second day. If you manage to survive these two stages you can then start to introduce odd other items back into your diet. If you make it to the final stage you can basically eat what you like as long as you have one protein only day. Sounds impossibly challenging, expensive and needlessly complicated to me!

What do you guys think? Are you an advocate of the Dukan Diet? Is there a diet you've used that worked well for you or was a complete disaster?

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