Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nichole Richie talks about her new book

How did I not know Nichole Richie was an author? Apparently a previous book was a best-seller and she has now released a new book called Priceless. I knew about her family, her design label and half a dozen things I probably absolutely did not need to know, but didn't know about this.

So what is her book about? It's a 'fiction' book that follows tall, blond and willowy twenty-two-year-old Charlotte Williams who seems to have everything going for her – she’s rich and gorgeous, a talented singer, and has just returned to her Park Avenue penthouse after a year studying in Paris. But since her mother’s tragic death years ago, her father, an extremely successful financier, has been her only family –
and if she’s being honest, her only true friend.

Some life imitating art here? Get Nichole's take on her new book with this interview with her. What do you think? Is this a book you will want to read? It goes on sale October 1 and will be $19.99.

Monday, August 30, 2010

New range from Bobbi Brown

New hydrating range has just been launched from Bobbi Brown cosmetics - available now. Loving the product photography! www.bobbibrown.com.au

More adorable clothes for kids

Regular readers will remember my post a while back about the adorable SOOKIbaby range (you can see the article here). I really couldn't help but share this adorable picture from the same range's new kids collection.

The range blends style with storybook fantasy and is super-trendy and fun while being completely age appropriate. The SOSOOKI collection admits to being inspired by a 'geek theme' but finds a way to make being a nerd oh so cool!

Isn't this outfit super cute? SOSOOKI is available in Myer stores nationally as well as selected boutiques. For local WA retailers check out www.sookibaby.com.auor call 02 9553 3900.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Great TV ad for Perth Fashion Festival

Check out this wonderful TV commercial for the Perth Fashion Festival. I love the use of colour, it is just so 'fashion'.

The last 10 things a woman would ever say

I know this was produced by Harpers Collins to promote a sex/self-help book and although I didn't agree with all the points, I thought it was funny enough to share anyway.

Here are the last 10 things a woman would ever say:

1) Could our relationship be more physical? I'm tired of just being friends.
2) Go ahead and leave the seat up. I love the feel of cold, wet porcelain.
3) I think hairy bums are really sexy.
4) Wow, get a whiff of that one! Pull my finger again.
5) Please don't throw that old t-shirt away. The holes in the armpits are just too cute.
6) This diamond is much too big! And by the way, I've got enough shoes.
7) Take that block of chocolate away
8) I don't care if it's on sale. $500 is too much to pay for a designer dress.
9) Does this make my bum look small?
10) I'm going out for a while. Why don't you phone your ex?

If you like the humour, check out the book Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please support daffodil day

I wanted to make sure all WA Style readers are aware tomorrow is Daffodil Day. This is a charity day very close to my own heart as like most Australians I have both family members and friends who have been touched by this horrible disease. I also had a skin cancer scare myself earlier this year - I was lucky mine was a false alarm but many others aren't so lucky.

Did you know one in every two Australian men and one in three Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85? Scary statistics. 

The most important thing we can all do, is support cancer research to find better treatment and potentially a cure for this terrible and terrifying disease.

If you want to support this worthy cause you can buy merchandise from Coles or one of many volunteer stands around Perth today and tomorrow. If you want to know more you can visit www.daffodilday.com.au  

Daffodil Day fast facts
  • The largest national fundraising event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, Daffodil Day raises essential funds for cancer research, education and support programs.
  • The daffodil is the international symbol of hope for all touched by cancer.
  • This year Daffodil Day is aiming to raise over $9 million to fund the cancer control initiatives, patient support and education services of Cancer Council's eight state and territory member organisations.
  • More than 10,000 volunteers are expected to staff over 1,200 Daffodil Day sites across Australia.

Cancer facts and figures
  • Cancer remains one of Australia's biggest health problems. An estimated 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.
  • An estimated 111,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia in 2009.
  • More than 60% of cancer patients will survive more than five years after diagnosis
  • The survival rate for many common cancers has increased by more than 30 per cent in the past two decades.
  • The most common cancers in Australia (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) are prostate, colorectal (bowel), breast, melanoma and lung cancer.
  • Each year, around 434,000 people are treated for non-melanoma skin cancer (the most frequently occuring cancer in Australia, but the least life-threatening).
  • Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia – more than 42,000 people are expected to die from cancer in 2009.
  • Cancer costs $3.8 billion in direct health system costs (7.2%).

Hot new bags from Mimco

Check out these hot new release bags from Mimco. Available online now at www.mimco.com.au

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

National organising week

Did you know National Organising Week is being celebrated from 6-12 September? Yup, me neither! Do you think it would be wrong to celebrate by buying a new pair of shoes that I have nowhere to put?

Clearly I am far from an organising genius, so we've brought in the organisation expert from Howards Storage World, Cathy Player, to share her top tips.

The Kitchen: “Plan your space, sort your items into groups and store them appropriately.  This will not only save you time when cooking, you’ll also save money by eliminating waste,” advises Cathy.

The Bathroom: “The top two hot spots for clutter in the bathroom are the shower and the bathroom cupboard. The shower is easily fixed with a stylish new caddy. For your cupboard, pull everything out, throw away the space-robbers and establish a system of caddies to group like items together. Make sure that medicines are safely out of reach or locked away from children."

The Bedroom: “The bedroom should be a place to relax and retreat to, and creating a clutter-free haven can be easy if you use all available space. Whilst the majority of Australians cite the wardrobe as their main concern when it comes to home organisation, this can be avoided with the right storage and display solutions." 
Like me do you fall into these categories? These were the findings of a recent HSW survey.

·         30% of people felt their clutter was out of control!
·         60% of people would welcome advice and support
·         77.7% of people wish their home was more organised
·         92.73% of people said their disorganised home caused them stress
·         50% of people did not know what steps to take to get their home organised
·         63.51% of people spend over 3hrs a week putting away household clutter

So how do you deal with clutter?

Aren't these cute?

I have only recently entered the wonderful (and terrifying) world of baking and I can't help but think what better way to disguise my terrible failures than in an absolutely adorable cover? I am loving these groovy wrappers from Pink Frosting. Would be great for a party or a baby/bridal shower. Available online at www.pinkfrosting.com.au 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The freerange cook

I am all for freerange, freerange eggs, chooks, etc. But I've never before head of a freerange cook - does that mean she runs around in the wild while whipping up a mean meringue? Okay, probably not.

Annabel Langbein has just released the book The Free Range Cook and in her own words: "It’s not about impressing people with culinary acrobatics or turning out complicated plates in the theatre of a restaurant. It’s about having fun and celebrating what nature has so graciously provided for us."

According to the blurb:

Photographed at and around Annabel’s lakeside cabin in Central Otago, at the foot of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, The Free Range Cook is much more than a recipe book. Alongside the photographs of fresh, seasonal dishes, gorgeous images transport the reader into Annabel’s country life — where she cooks on a simple double gas burner and chops wood to fuel an outdoor bread oven. Here, luxury is a glistening fish just out of the water, a perfectly ripe peach or a beautifully aged piece of farm meat, rather than exotic, hard-to-find ingredients. It is this simplicity that inspired the idea of free-range cooking — where a pared back approach to food and cooking celebrates a spirit of resourcefulness and the ability to enjoy whatever is in season at its very best.

Recipes are organised according to their source: From the Garden, From the Farm, From the Oven, From the Larder, From the Orchard, and From Lake and Sea. Interspersed throughout the book are delicious menus taken from the TV series that provide three or four impressive courses to share with friends and family.

Annabel’s signature ‘Fridge Fixings’ — useful flavour bases, rubs, sauces and dressings — are flagged throughout the book and cross-referenced to a multitude of quick, easy recipes. Cooking methods are clearly explained, and handy preparation tips, serving suggestions and storage advice introduce every recipe. Thanks to Annabel’s clever cooking tricks and techniques, home cooks are offered the chance to recreate restaurant-style dishes they might once have thought were too difficult or time-consuming.

Annabel Langbein is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated food writers and cooks. She is the author and publisher of 17 bestselling books, which have sold close to 1 million copies throughout Australasia, North America and Europe. The Free Range Cook is on sale in WA on October 1, 2010 for $49.99.

New styles from Nicolangela

So pretty! New SS10 styles are in store right now. Find out more at www.nicolangela.com

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pop up retailer for the Perth Fashion Festival

Returning to the Perth Fashion Festival for a third run, Popsicle has become a firm favourite on Perth's independent fashion calendar. In case you haven't heard about this phenomenon before, Popsicle is a 'pop-up' or temporary store selling products from heaps of talented local designers and will be operating between 10 and 5pm daily from September 9 to 15.

Focused on Western Australian emerging designers, Popsicle will be packed full of fashion, jewellery, art and other designer goodies. Housed within shipping containers, Popsicle directly supports 15 of WAs most talented emerging designers and will be located in the heart of Northbridge, Perth's creative and cultural centre.

Zoƫ Trotman, of featured label Lonely 8-bit Heroes says: "It's a real honour to be showing my creations alongside so many other amazing creatives who, like me, desperately need a head start in securing stockists, gaining recognition for their skills, and of course to make some actual sales."

Ping Pong Diplomacy's Ainslie Webber says: "We've decided to utilise the vast array of artistic talents in Perth by exhibiting a collection of one-off customised ping pong bats, and printing several of those designs on men's t-shirts. By getting local artists, from fine art graduates to street artists, to contribute and display their skills, Popsicle is providing exposure to a wide field of young up-and-comers!"

An initiative by the team from OnWilliam, Popsicle only operates during Perth Fashion Festival and each year re-establishes itself in a new form and in a new environment to ensure a fun and unique shopping experience.

Commenting on the initiative, event organiser Lake Bovell said: "This year Popsicle has a slightly nautical theme; we are excited about the space and are getting our hands dirty converting wooden shipping crates into furnishings and learning how to tie knots!"

The event provides emerging designers with a platform to test their products in the market place while also offering festival visitors and fashion lovers one-stop designer shop and a different shopping experience.

Featured Designers:
Lonely 8-Bit Heroes, Kiss Me Quick, Little Gracie, PeppermintMilk, Bo Ra, Heart City Design, Bad Hair Mountain, White Square, Lovers & Dreamers, Leah Tarlo, Prufrock, Ping Pong Diplomacy, Love is My Velocity, Kingbrown Magazine and Hit & Miss Magazine.

Beautify your dad

If your Dad is something of a metrosexual or you think he needs a bit of sprucing up, check out this great man product offer from Clinique. This great set is available for $75 for a limited time. Check it out at www.clinique.com.au or your local counter.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Why men are necessary

Have you ever really pondered why are men necessary? I haven't. At least I hadn't until I heard about this new book dedicated to this very topic.

I actually considered the answer to this question fairly self-explanatory but turns out there really is a deeper meaning. Here's the blurb:

There are a thousand bleak books about Australian families - rent asunder by divorce, drugs, children in hoodies and the sheer horror of being alive. This book is not one of them. For once, Australian family life is being celebrated. Why Men Are Necessary and More News From Nowhere is a hilarious — and optimistic — book about Australian family life. It’s about the way most of us live — and the wild comedy of being part of a healthy, loving, back-talking, buoyant family.

Meet the sexy and feisty Jocasta; confront teenage rebellion in the form of a fish called Wanda; do battle with magpies the size of small fighter jets; and try to work out which font you use when speaking the language of love. In Richard’s stories everyday life becomes vivid, magical and laugh-out-loud funny.

Richard Glover is the author of twelve books, including the bestsellers In Bed with Jocasta, The Dag's Dictionary and Desperate Husbands. He writes a weekly column for the Sydney Morning Herald and presents the comedy show Thank God It's Friday on ABC local radio.
So what do you think. Are men necessary? Are you running out to buy this book (if so, better hold off it doesn't come out until October 1 - RRP$27.99).

Gap is coming to Australia

It's official ladies (and gents) hot off the heels of the announcement of Zara opening down under, comes the news Gap is opening in Aus. The Melbourne store is opening in August and Sydney in October. No plans for a Perth store yet, but we can live in hope!

Be one of the first to find out more by registering now at www.gapaustralia.com.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Personalise your Louis Vuitton

Isn't this just the height of luxury? I think I might get a hot stamp inside my agenda or a luggage tag for my bag - or maybe I will just have to buy myself something completely new. I feel the LV fever coming on... obsessed? Moi?

Click on the image to view it larger if you have trouble reading the text!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Parlour changes hands

The iconic day spa The Parlour in Nedlands has changed hands and may be undergoing some changes.

Original owner Paulette Contessi, who established the instantly recognizable Stirling Highway green and white striped awnings building, says: “I am sad at selling the salon we had some great times, but it is time to simplify my life and owning three salons, whilst running a recruitment company and sitting on several boards and committees, it became quite a juggle.”

Aveda junkies need not despair as Style Bar in the Carillon City is Paulette’s other salon and she has no plans to sell the city store.  “Style Bar is a hair and makeup only salon, we don’t do body treatments in the city, but we still stock all the whole Aveda beauty and makeup range.”

To celebrate the end of an era, Style Bar has put together an amazing challenge for all Aveda “virgin”:-
 Have your hair coloured at Style Bar and if you’re not 100% satisfied the natural chemical-free hair colour is better than other chemical-laden brands then you will receive your money back.

Style Bar is on the Hay Street Level in Carillon City.  For more information on Style Bar or Aveda chemical-free hair colour call the salon direct 9322 4600. Image is from www.theparlour.com.au

Two liger cubs born in Taiwan

They may be controversial but these two 'liger' cubs are adorable. The offspring of a male lion and female tiger were born in Taiwan at a private zoo this week. What do you think? Adorable and natural or morally objectionable?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Event for fashionistas

Whether or not you have attended a Lunchbox List event before, if you are a fashionista this event should be on you radar. On Friday September 10 at 12:15 pm the Parmelia Hilton Perth is holding the Fashionista Forum.

The three speakers are Chrissie Catling, S2 designer/retailer, Liz Davenport and Tanya Muia, Chadiwkc Models WA manager. Fashion design, retail, marketing, promotions, environmentalism, management - this trio have done it - and will tell all about the trials and tribulations of working in the fickle and fabulous world of fashion.

Single seats are $88. Tickets are available from www.lunchboxlist.com

Monday, August 16, 2010

How far would you go for your child?

Australia has the highest per capita rate of parental child abductions in the world, with around 150 Australian children abducted each year. How scary a statistic is that? Who would have though Australia would rate higher than places like the Middle East or even the US?

The Retriever is a new book by Australian private investigator Keith Schafferius and Grantlee Kieza. For the last three decades Keith has specialised in child retrieval cases, slipping into countries like Poland, Yemen and the Philippines to retrieve children taken overseas against court orders after the breakup of their parents’ marriage.

It’s a tale of clandestine meetings with CIA contacts, forged passports, and the threat of being thrown in jail – everyday challenges in Schafferius’ line of work. Over the years Keith has built up a vast array of contacts, paid thousands of dollars in bribes to officials, been on international wanted lists and found himself in many terrifying situations, including being shot at and pursued by police.

This book talks about Keith’s six year enlistment in the Royal Australian Air Force and part secondment to ASIO, and of the incredible and often unbelievable retrieval missions that have taken him to all parts of the world in his bid to reunite families torn apart by parental child abduction.

Sounds like a gripping (if terrifying read). Available from September 1, $35rrp

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot roller for your eyelashes

I would love love love to have better eyelashes but I don't know if that's enough for me to take a heated eyelash curler to my eyes. Perhaps it is just because I am more uncoordinated than Bella in Twilight but I am more likely to sear a hole in my eyeball than successfully curl my lashes.

The fact the new 'double heating coil' reaches 60 degrees instead of 40 and curls at the root of the lash - just makes me feel more nervous.

So what does everyone else think? Would you give it a go? If the answer is yes, you can get this new Turbo Lashwand Heated Eyelash Curler free at the moment when you spend just $39 on the ModelCo range at David Jones. 

It is only available for a limited time though so better hurry.  Offer ends 5th September or until stock runs out. If you've tried this or any other heated eyelash curler, share your experiences with the other WA Style readers by hitting the comment button below.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The secret life of Coco Chanel

Acclaimed author and journalist Justine Picardie has spent the last decade puzzling over the truth about Coco Chanel, attempting to peel away the accretions of romance and lies. The result is a new book Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life.

Justine says the story of Chanel begins with an abandoned child as lost as a girl in a dark fairytale. Uncovering remarkable new details about Gabrielle Chanel’s early years in a convent orphanage, Picardie explores what lies beneath the glossy surface of a mythic fashion icon.

Based on personal observations and interviews with Chanel’s last surviving friends, employees and relatives, the book throws new light on her passionate and turbulent relationships and gives a fresh look at how Coco Chanel made herself into one of the most powerful women in fashion.

Justine Picardie is the author of four books and was the former features director of Vogue and editor of the Observer magazine. You can visit her blog at www.justine-picardie.blogspot.com.

DJs post show wrap with Madison

A great video from Youtube of Paula Joye discussing the David Jones show with the Madison team. If you don't already subscribe to Paula's Life Styled newsletter it  is never too late... www.lifestyled.com.au

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zac Efron is coming to Australia

OMG – Zac Efron is coming to Australia. Is it wrong for a grown woman to have a little-bittie crush on Zac Efron (and why do I keep using his full name)?

I think it’s all part of a new syndrome which I will call they-are-so-good-looking-but-are-so-young-itis and it is sweeping Hollywood these days. Taylor Lautner or Daniel Radcliffe fall into this category as well, they are international stars and good looking to boot but it’s just a little bit wrong because they are well – so young.

Even though Zac Efron (there it is again) is now 22 in his earlier movies he was still a teenager so it still seems a bit wrong somehow.

Anyway I digress. The big news is he will be heading to Australia next month. Although there are no plans for Zac to head west, he will walk the red carpet and attend the Australian premiere of his new movie Charlie St. Cloud on Sunday 19th September in Sydney. Further details and location yet to be announced - so don't rush out and buy a plane ticket just yet.

Charlie St. Cloud
is a big step for Zac as it is the first time he won't be featuring in a 'teen' style movie. This time he has a dramatic role playing Charlie a young man struggling with life after surviving a tragic accident. It releases to Australia cinemas on September 23.

Monday is cupcake day

Grab your favourite recipe, dust off your chef’s hat and get your mixer ready for the sweetest event of the year, Cupcake Day for the RSPCA.

On Monday 16 August, registered RSPCA Cupcake Cooks across Australia will descend on their schools, workplaces and social groups with batches of scrumptious homemade cupcakes to be exchanged for donations to the RSPCA.

Last year, the event raised $1.1 million to assist in the care and protection of Australia’s animals. This year RSPCA want to reach a target of
 $2.5 million. The cherry on top of the cupcake is that for every $100 raised online, you’ll receive one additional entry into the draw to win 2 Kymco scooters.

Whether you register as a Cupcake Cook or go into training as a Cupcake Eater – you’ll be supporting the 155,000 animals that the RSPCA cares for every year.

Find out more at www.rspcacupcakeday.com.au

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something to make you laugh

Need a bit of a mid-week giggle? Here it is. This is my husband's first contribution to the site. His boss bought this for the office so he recorded it on his phone and it has been a source of constant amusement ever since.

As someone who admits to being a massive fan of this song in its heyday - this just makes me laugh every time, particularly the head movements!

New ‘de-puffer’ from Clinique

I perpetually suffer from dark circles and under eye bags and have a plethora of products designed to treat this unsightly issue.

It’s also why I get excited any time there is a new product to test out! The latest is the Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. Despite a ridiculously long product name, this looks like the next must-try.

Use the special ‘roller ball’ end to cool and massage the area under your eye. You can also use it either over or under makeup depending on your products and your preference.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Perth Bride Expo this weekend

Calling all brides-to-be! This Sunday Perth Bride magazine will be holding the Perth Bride Exhibition at the Hyatt Regency Perth.

Running from 9.30am until 5pm on Sunday – entry is $15 including a free copy of a previous issue of Perth Bride.

I went to a lot of wedding expos while I was planning my wedding and they are handy, particularly in the early staging of planning when you’re not really sure what you want. You are sure to come away with a few ideas and maybe even one or two confirmed suppliers.

Sneak preview Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Advance warning - if you don't like scary movies - maybe don't watch this sneak preview trailer for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. It did make me jump!

Those of you who are keen to see some snippets from the movie Katie Holmes was filming in Australia recently - check it out. It looks like a must see for horror-lovers! This definitely still an early peak though as we won't be seeing the full movie in WA until January 27, 2011.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mimco releases sunglasses

Label Mimco has just released their first range of eyewear. The ones in this picture are uber-cute. Check them out for yourself at your local store or online here.  They are in stock now.

Cutest cupcake ever!

This has to be the cutest cupcake ever! Made by a Perth company Sugarbloom Cupcakes & Macaroons. Find out more on their blog http://sugarbloomcupcakes.blogspot.com/

Your chance to walk the red carpet

I love movies and I love celebrities, so no great surprise that I intent to almost obsessively enter a new competition that gives me a chance to meet celebrities on the red carpet!

If like me, the idea of walking the red carpet at a film premiere is your idea of heaven on earth, then make sure you buy a Events Cinemas movie ticket online or via your mobile before September 30. Seven people who do this will have the chance to win one of the below celebrity experiences.

What makes them even better? Most of them include a holiday and some even include shopping – be still my beating heart…

  • The Other Guys – walk the red carpet at the Australian premiere on the Gold Coast and meet the film’s two stars Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg. All inclusive of flights & accommodation
  • Tomorrow When The War Began – attend the NZ premiere, walk the red carpet and get a meet & greet with the cast. All inclusive of flights & accommodation
  • Cats & Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore – VIP family trip to Warner Bros Movie World. All inclusive of flights, accommodation & limo transfers for Movie World
  • The Last Airbender – Trip to Vietnam to explore where the film was shot together with exclusive earth, fire, wind & water themed experiences. All inclusive of flights &, accommodation
  • Charlie St. Cloud – Walk the red carpet at the Australian premiere in Sydney and meet the film’s star Zac Efron. All inclusive of flights and accommodation
  • Wall Street Money Never Sleeps - Walk the red carpet at the London premiere and meet & greet with the film’s stars. All inclusive of flights, accommodation, limo transfers & a $1000 wardrobe spend for the premiere
  • Legends of The Guardian The Owls of Ga’Hoole – Family behind the scenes tour of animation studio and home of the film’s creators, Animal Logic. All inclusive of flights & accommodation
Me? I am gunning for The Other Guys and Wall Street Money Never Sleeps. the first for the celebs and the second for the trip to London and the shopping.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't forget Jeans for Genes day

Don't forget to wear jeans tomorrow to raise money for Jeans for Genes day - just make sure you make a donation or buy a badge to support this worthy cause. There are heaps of places you can get them from including Big W, Harvey Norman, Gloria Jean, Myer, JeansWest and Westpac.

It's a great cause so make sure you get behind it.
Find out more about the event or view the complete list of places to buy badges at www.jeansforgenes.org.au

marie claire turns 15 & an insight into Jackie Frank

A big congratulations this month to my favourite magazine - marie claire – who is celebrating its 15th birthday with the September issue on sale now. Not only does this issue have a whopping 426 pages, but if you buy it from the newsagent you will get a free Estee Lauder Pure Colour lipgloss ($42)! I have been busting to buy a red lipgloss so I can't wait to grab this one.

Even more importantly, you absolutely have to read the article by Nicky Briger (the editor of Who) about Jackie Frank (the editor of marie claire) up now on the website. I absolutely love, love, love this article – is hilarious particularly if you’ve worked in the media/magazines industry or if you think the whole industry is really live Devil Wears Prada. You can read the full article here but in the meanwhile here is a quick taste of some of my favourite lines:

She cries on a whim, belly laughs with gusto, takes the trolley from the waiters at yum cha, plays practical jokes and sits cross-legged on the floor, hitching up her frock to dangerous heights. She'll steal scraps of food off your desk, bellow your name across the hall (her dulcet tones can slice through concrete), and swear like a footballer.

Despite this anti-chic exterior, Jackie is a walking fashion encyclopedia and besties with hot-shot designers, stylists, supermodels and photographers the world over. When her imported stilettos went missing across the Atlantic two days before her wedding, she playfully screamed down the phone to the designer (in a mock-Asian accent), "Jimmy Choo, where my shoe?"

Jackie navigates fashion's many quirks like a pro. When a French stylist threw a tantrum and locked herself in the fashion cupboard, refusing to emerge unless Jackie reinstated a photo of a Gucci tote that had been cut from her story, Jackie phoned her in the closet and deftly coaxed her out, like some hostage scene from a Hollywood blockbuster. What's high drama to most is all in a day's work for Jackie.

Let me know what you think of the article and the new issue! While you're at it you might also want to check out the special birthday subscription offer they've got going on. I've been sitting on the fence about subscribing for a while (I love the free newsagent goodies too much) but with a full year’s subscription for $39.95, I whipped out my credit card so fast I gave myself whiplash. Find the offer online here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New book from Devil Wears Prada author

Who could forget the Devil Wears Prada? Meryl Streep sashaying and pursuing her lips in a way guaranteed to make your whole body quiver with inferiority. I am sure my smart and knowledgeable readers will know that before the movie came the book from Lauren Weisberger and was rumoured to be about her experiences working with notorious Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

As well as Devil Wears Prada (the book is quite different from the movie by the way) Lauren has written several other books and her latest – Last Night at Chateau Marmont – has just been announced for an Aussie release date of September 1.

As someone who has read all her books (the last few before they were published) I am very, very excited about this release. I have already added this to my birthday wish list (October in case anyone was wondering).

If you haven’t read any of Lauren’s books yet definitely grab Everyone Worth Knowing definitely my favourite. It goes inside the insane world of high-profile PR.

About her new book:
Two college sweethearts are living a happy, rather ordinary life in New York but there’s a slight twist — she’s the breadwinner, supporting her musician boyfriend. Until the tables are turned when he’s discovered by a Sony exec and their worlds are turned upside down.

Soon they are holidaying in the Hamptons, adorning the cover of Vanity Fair and attending every glitzy party in town — all the while his career is reaching new, dizzying heights. 

But the trappings of this elite lifestyle mean our heroine must face the wrath of the US press.

One final note – I also discovered Lauren is also on blogspot! Check out her blog at www.laurenweisberger.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wanna be a PFF model?

Ever wanted the chance to strut your stuff on the catwalk? Well the Perth Fashion Festival and Carillon City are giving you that chance.

Be one of 15 real WA women to appear on the catwalk with Australia's most well-known plus size model Natalie Wakeling in a special fashion show of real women in Fashion Central (aka Forest Chase).

Entries are open to all women, the only restriction is you must be 18 years and over. If you're chosen you'll also receive a session with renowned fashion stylist Des Eddy (the man is a genius), a professional photo shoot, modeling workshops and VIP tickets to a Perth Fashion Festival event.

Register yourself here: www.carilloncity.com.au

I heart this skirt

Hussy has just released their new season range, including this really adorable skirt. It is oh so stylish and you could wear it in so many ways! Personally, I'd wear it to work over opaques, on the weekend with a singlet or out on the town with something spangly and sparkly.

The bad news is they don't have a store in Perth yet, but you can place an order by phone 02 9280 1610 or by email info@hussy.com.au

By the way in case you are wondering, Hussy do not pay me to wax lyrical about their skirts. It is just one of the many privileges or being a blogger. Enjoy!

See a movie & help kids with cancer

Amalgamated Holdings Limited (AHL) is hosting an exclusive charity preview screenings of Universal Pictures 3D animated comedy adventure, Despicable Me to raise money for Camp Quality.  

You can be one of the first in WA to see the film at Event Cinemas Innaloo on Sunday 29 August at 11am.

AHL Managing Director David Seargeant says the previews are part of AHL’s commitment to give back to the community. “We are delighted to again team up with Camp Quality to help raise much needed funds for children living with cancer and their families,” he says.

“This will be the third consecutive year we have held the screenings in support of Camp Quality and we’ve got no doubt Despicable Me will deliver because laughter is the best medicine.”

From the creators of hit family movies Ice Age and Horton Hears A Who, Despicable Me is a 3D animated comedy adventure for the whole family featuring the voice talent of Steve Carell. It is the story of the world’s greatest villain who finds his greatest challenge in three little girls called Margo, Edith and Agnes. 
Watch the trailer below for more about the film - it does look hilarious!

Tickets for the special screenings go on sale on 29 July and proceeds will go directly to Camp Quality. All tickets are $12, and can be purchased online at www.eventcinemas.com.au or at cinema box offices.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Big change for Spring in the Valley

I don’t think you could live in WA and not know about Spring in the Valley but the big news is this year’s event is getting a much-needed face lift. Instead of hordes of teenagers/twenty somethings descending on the valley by the bus load for one weekend of drinking and debauchery the festival will be spread out over a whole month.

Hopefully this move will help make the event more couple and family-friendly as the trouble-makers won’t all be in the one place at the one time (last year I saw four young men in a row urinating on a wall - blurggh!). Fingers crossed this new step will do the trick.

At the very least, it should also make it much easier to get in (venues often have to close their doors due to number restrictions) and to be able to go along to events, enjoy fantastic food and in general enjoy more of what the valley has to offer. Even better, October has five weekends in which to enjoy it.

As the event gets closer more info will be available online at www.springinthevalley2010.com.au 

Stylish kit for stylish bubs

How can you not love a designer baby clothing label called SOOKIbaby? If you’re a stylish mamma (or aunt or friend) who has been hanging out with a line of retro chic goodies for your little lad or lady then you’ve found it.

Can you just imagine your little boy in a shirt that says ‘hanging with my gnomies’ or ‘my future is so bright I gotta wear shades’? These are so cute I am cursing the fact most of my friends have daughters. Perhaps I can buy them anyone - I am sure someone will pop out a  boy sooner or later! Not that the little ladies miss out, these little frilly knickers and Parisian-style outfits are adorable as well.

Cartoon capers, pop art and Euro chic are just some of the designer’s inspiration for this adorable range that blends vibrant prints, fantasy characters and quirky designs. From gnomes to break-dancing sparrows and Shar Pei wrinkle dogs – these outfits are going to have your funky monkeys dancing in their nappies.

Founder, co-owner and SOOKIbaby designer Dijana Dotur says: “I like to think of SOOKIbaby as being quirky and cool. This season’s collection is a blend of all my favourite things. A mix of fantasy, vintage and retro blended with modern and contemporary looks. Spring summer is whimsical and fun with styles for all tastes.”

So where did Dijana get her inspiration for this uber-cool collection for the nappy set? She studied at the prestigious Whitehouse School of Fashion as well as being a mother of three herself. You can buy SOOKIbaby from Myer or from one of the outlets listed below. Or head online to www.sookibaby.com.au.

Keshi Kids - Broome, Kids Cove - Kalamunda, Lily - Cloverdale, Little Leisure – Dunsborough, My Baby Rocks - www.mybabyrocks.com.au, Stylish Bubs – Karratha, The Bees Knees Kids – Carramar.