Thursday, August 5, 2010

marie claire turns 15 & an insight into Jackie Frank

A big congratulations this month to my favourite magazine - marie claire – who is celebrating its 15th birthday with the September issue on sale now. Not only does this issue have a whopping 426 pages, but if you buy it from the newsagent you will get a free Estee Lauder Pure Colour lipgloss ($42)! I have been busting to buy a red lipgloss so I can't wait to grab this one.

Even more importantly, you absolutely have to read the article by Nicky Briger (the editor of Who) about Jackie Frank (the editor of marie claire) up now on the website. I absolutely love, love, love this article – is hilarious particularly if you’ve worked in the media/magazines industry or if you think the whole industry is really live Devil Wears Prada. You can read the full article here but in the meanwhile here is a quick taste of some of my favourite lines:

She cries on a whim, belly laughs with gusto, takes the trolley from the waiters at yum cha, plays practical jokes and sits cross-legged on the floor, hitching up her frock to dangerous heights. She'll steal scraps of food off your desk, bellow your name across the hall (her dulcet tones can slice through concrete), and swear like a footballer.

Despite this anti-chic exterior, Jackie is a walking fashion encyclopedia and besties with hot-shot designers, stylists, supermodels and photographers the world over. When her imported stilettos went missing across the Atlantic two days before her wedding, she playfully screamed down the phone to the designer (in a mock-Asian accent), "Jimmy Choo, where my shoe?"

Jackie navigates fashion's many quirks like a pro. When a French stylist threw a tantrum and locked herself in the fashion cupboard, refusing to emerge unless Jackie reinstated a photo of a Gucci tote that had been cut from her story, Jackie phoned her in the closet and deftly coaxed her out, like some hostage scene from a Hollywood blockbuster. What's high drama to most is all in a day's work for Jackie.

Let me know what you think of the article and the new issue! While you're at it you might also want to check out the special birthday subscription offer they've got going on. I've been sitting on the fence about subscribing for a while (I love the free newsagent goodies too much) but with a full year’s subscription for $39.95, I whipped out my credit card so fast I gave myself whiplash. Find the offer online here.

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