Monday, February 28, 2011

Do you have a Bonds Baby?

What is it with the Bonds Baby search? I just received my fifth email/Facebook message today encouraging me to vote for a friend's gorgeous tot. I can say without a doubt, some of my friends have the most gorgeous little progeny, but why the need to make them into models before (in some instances) they can even walk?

Don't get me wrong, I am not criticising their decision - as someone without children I am more curious. Is it just the desire to have the world recognise just how amazing your special bub is? Having worked in magazines for some time, including having hired babies or children for shoots, I straight away focus on the negative side of the industry. I've worked with kids who are tired, grumpy, bored and frustrated and cannot understand why their beloved parents are trying to make them wear stupid clothes and do stupid things for hours on end. And believe me, these shoots can take hours.

I have to admit for the sake of fairness I have worked with mums who were absolutely wonderful and kids who loved every minute of the experience - and for them it was a once off or occasional experience because they loved playing in front of the camera. Unfortunately, I've also seen mums who bring their small children (two or three years of age) in for casting wearing make-up and entirely age inappropriate clothing including high heels. I've also seen a mum chastise her adorable three year old because she was too terrified to speak or have her picture taken.

I guess what I want to ask my wise WA Stylers is, what do you think of the Bonds Baby Search or other similar competitions. If you entered your little one, why do you think this was such a great opportunity? You can find out more about the competition here:

One last note, this is a sensitive and very personal issue so please comment away, but be nice!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going Bollywood

I posted earlier this week about going Middle Eastern. It seems that's definitely the theme for the week as tonight myself and two close friends are heading to our first class of a six week Bollywood dancing course.

I first hit on the idea when writing a feature for the Mind & Body section in The West Australian a few weeks back. It was about exercise for over 50s and one of my focus was fitness activities for adults that take us back to our childhood. I looked at adult dancing classes, trampolining and surfing lessons. The editor told me afterwards she had dozens of calls from people wanting to know more about the classes on offer, so clearly the ideas hit the mark.

Although I may not be over 50, I am keen to get out of my comfort zone and since the idea of taking up adult trampolining absolutely scares the bejesus out of me, I decided the adult-only beginners class for Bollywood was just the ticket (I couldn't really see myself popping and locking through a hip hop class or wearing a pink tutu and standing on my tiptoes for adult ballet either).

Now I just have to figure out what to wear. I have visions of me rocking up in yoga pants, singlet, sneakers and a sweat towel to a class full of exotic beauties wearing flowing chiffon... Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Heart Wallpaper

I have a real thing for wallpaper lately. It is such a great way to completely change a room, with pattern, texture or colour. I have been thinking about adding a wallpaper feature wall to my office but I am torn between something elegant, neutral and textured (think flocked fleur-de-lis) or something really bold like one of these new samples.

What does everyone think? Love to know your thoughts. Do you think wallpaper is hot or so not?

In case you were wondering these great shots are of the latest releases from Dutch powerhouse Eijffinger and is available through Verve Designer Collections.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Exploring the Middle East (books anyway)

Burqalicious: The Dubai DiariesTHe Middle East seems to be the thing for my books this week. I just interviewed the author of The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul over the phone from her new home in Mexico and I just received this title in the post from Harper Collins, looks like something right up my alley. Just the title Burqalicious, the Dubai Diaries grabs my attention!

I am looking forward to reading them both! Keep your eye on the Today section in The West to read my interviews and book reviews of these in the coming weeks. If you follow my Hancock Creative Facebook page, I will let you know on the day they appear.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reopening of DJs Claremont

On Saturday David Jones Claremont Quarter will have their grand reopening complete with a special appearance by the stunning Megan Gale. The renovations have taken 24 months but the new store is now 85% bigger and includes two new floors of fashion and beauty and a new home store.

In case you are planning to check it out, here are all the details of what will be happening and when.

Saturday 19 February
8:45am – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with special guest Megan Gale
All day – M.A.C Eye or Lip Makeovers
10am – Megan Gale instore appearance
1pm & 3pm – Fashion Parade with Nicole Trunfio and Samantha Harris

Sunday 20 February
All day – M.A.C Eye or Lip Makeovers
1pm & 3pm – Fashion Parade

The store will be open on Saturday from 9am to 5pm and on Sunday from 10am to 5pm, so plenty of time to check it out. 

Are you planning to head down for a look or can you think of nothing worse than beating off hundreds of fashion-crazed women with a big designer stick? If you do go along, make sure you pop back here and let us know your thoughts. Were the renovation worth the wait or are there some things that could have been done better? 

Taking One Step at a Time

For a long time I have had the dream of writing a novel. Actually scratch that, I think I have had the natural urge to write since I could read (age 3 actually). I was writing epic adventures about a family of koalas in kindergarden, which my mum has lovingly kept.

The only problem is, now I have passed the big 3-0 and I may have had dozens (even hundreds) or articles published, I still haven't made that step into novel territory. I have made several attempts but life, self confidence and a whole range of other factors seem to get in the way.

I have decided to stop making excuses and make a real step towards my goal so I have enrolled in a creative writing course at the Sydney Writing School starting on Monday.

Yes, I am a bit nervous that I won't be very good at it. But I am trying to remember I am doing this for me and not anyone else so I am going to give it a red hot go. Fingers crossed the lovely ladies over there will be able to break through my years of writing habits and teach me how to let go of the facts and just make something up! Will keep you posted. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apologies to all

It is with cap in hand that I sincerely apologise for being missing in action for the last few months. I do have a good reason. As I mentioned here in brief on previous posts in October I launched my own creative services business Hancock Creative and as luck would have it, I have been so flat out writing for everyone else that I haven't had much time to write for myself.

Over the coming weeks, I will be getting back on the wagon and keeping you updated on the wonderful world that is WA Style.

What I'd like more than anything right now though is for all my loyal WA Stylers to tell me. What have you liked and hated about the blog so far? What would you like to see more of? Would you like me to share about my life, my work in the media, more products/fashion/homewares, competitions or something else entirely? I'd love to hear your thoughts and help these ideas shape the site in the months to come.

If you do want to hear a bit more about me on a daily basis head over and like my Hancock Creative business page on Facebook, check out my website or follow me on Twitter!