Monday, February 28, 2011

Do you have a Bonds Baby?

What is it with the Bonds Baby search? I just received my fifth email/Facebook message today encouraging me to vote for a friend's gorgeous tot. I can say without a doubt, some of my friends have the most gorgeous little progeny, but why the need to make them into models before (in some instances) they can even walk?

Don't get me wrong, I am not criticising their decision - as someone without children I am more curious. Is it just the desire to have the world recognise just how amazing your special bub is? Having worked in magazines for some time, including having hired babies or children for shoots, I straight away focus on the negative side of the industry. I've worked with kids who are tired, grumpy, bored and frustrated and cannot understand why their beloved parents are trying to make them wear stupid clothes and do stupid things for hours on end. And believe me, these shoots can take hours.

I have to admit for the sake of fairness I have worked with mums who were absolutely wonderful and kids who loved every minute of the experience - and for them it was a once off or occasional experience because they loved playing in front of the camera. Unfortunately, I've also seen mums who bring their small children (two or three years of age) in for casting wearing make-up and entirely age inappropriate clothing including high heels. I've also seen a mum chastise her adorable three year old because she was too terrified to speak or have her picture taken.

I guess what I want to ask my wise WA Stylers is, what do you think of the Bonds Baby Search or other similar competitions. If you entered your little one, why do you think this was such a great opportunity? You can find out more about the competition here:

One last note, this is a sensitive and very personal issue so please comment away, but be nice!

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  1. It looks like this post was even more timely than I expected. It seems the fierce competition got too much for some parents and they have now begun sledging other people's children. Isn't that disgusting?