Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zac Efron is coming to Australia

OMG – Zac Efron is coming to Australia. Is it wrong for a grown woman to have a little-bittie crush on Zac Efron (and why do I keep using his full name)?

I think it’s all part of a new syndrome which I will call they-are-so-good-looking-but-are-so-young-itis and it is sweeping Hollywood these days. Taylor Lautner or Daniel Radcliffe fall into this category as well, they are international stars and good looking to boot but it’s just a little bit wrong because they are well – so young.

Even though Zac Efron (there it is again) is now 22 in his earlier movies he was still a teenager so it still seems a bit wrong somehow.

Anyway I digress. The big news is he will be heading to Australia next month. Although there are no plans for Zac to head west, he will walk the red carpet and attend the Australian premiere of his new movie Charlie St. Cloud on Sunday 19th September in Sydney. Further details and location yet to be announced - so don't rush out and buy a plane ticket just yet.

Charlie St. Cloud
is a big step for Zac as it is the first time he won't be featuring in a 'teen' style movie. This time he has a dramatic role playing Charlie a young man struggling with life after surviving a tragic accident. It releases to Australia cinemas on September 23.

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  1. keep me posted for more details please. Thanks