Friday, July 16, 2010

Upcoming release: The Last Airbender

I saw a trailer the other day for upcoming movie The Last Airbender and I had to wonder, why I haven’t heard a lot more about this film? The fact it is coming to us from M. Night Shyamalan, is almost enough in itself to normally guarantee a barrage of press.

Due to release in Perth September 16, this film does look like a bit of a deviation from M.Night’s usual scary topics but it is still firmly bedded in the supernatural. The movie is set in a world where nations are divided into air, water, earth and fire and the denizens are able to manipulate these elements to their own needs. When a war breaks out one young man, Aang, discovers he is the last person left who can manipulate all the elements and sets out to save his war-ravaged nation. Check out the trailer posted above.

This does seem like a very different film for M.Night so I am reserving my opinion until I see it. What do you think of the trailer. Hit or miss?

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