Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to acheive your goals

How many times have you set yourself a goal — be it to make your first million, land that longed-for promotion, lose weight or find your soul mate — only to find that a couple of months down the track you’ve lost heart and abandoned all hope of achieving it?

How do billionaire businesspeople, world-famous performers and elite athletes perform at such consistently high levels? And how can you get a piece of the action?

The new book Bullseye! by Blake Beattie aims to show you how to define success in your own terms, match your goals to these values and achieve them in an optimum timeframe.

It sounds good to me, I am always fascinated by the stories of successful people and how they achieved their goals. Blake's book also covers how to break the bad habits you thought insurmountable, override your stubborn subconscious and show you how to harness the three most critical resources you have at your disposal — time, money and energy — to map out clear and achievable steps to success.

Really time, money and energy? Hopefully he can also tell me why I never seem to have any of those three things, certainly not in enough abundance to do anything useful!

Blake Beattie is a popular consultant and speaker, and founder of International Pay it Forward Day

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  1. Best self help book I have read! I struggle with momentum (particularly when it comes to losing weight) and Bullseye has two exceptional systems that I have been using. I have just bought another copy for my teenage daughter.