Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you LinkedIn?

There are so many social networking platforms to choose from these days MySpace, Facebook, Twitter – where do you even start and how do you decide who you choose to connect with?

My latest foray into social networking is LinkedIn and I have to say I am quite captivated by the idea. I think LinkedIn is a great partner to Facebook for anyone who works in a profession.

Facebook is the site for you to connect to your friends, complain about your life and general keep in touch with people. LinkedIn is the business companion for all those of us who have business connections we want to keep active but who we don’t necessarily want to see that photo of us at a Pimps & Prostitutes fancy dress party.

LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected to people you’ve worked with throughout your career – after all who knows when they may be in a position to help you out in the future – or even clients and suppliers you have worked with. I find there are a lot of Perth people using this system, particularly in the media and PR industry.

Although you might get off to a slow start, persevere as I am finding the more I develop connections online, the more useful the site becomes. It now regularly suggests contacts I may know (quite accurately actually) and suggests a whole heap of relevant info, groups and connections for my industry.

I am yet to receive a multi-million dollar job offer from a New York fashion magazine on the strength of my online connections, but I can still live in hope. If you haven’t yet checked it out, take a look now at and get connected.

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