Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paula Joye launches Life Styled

If like me you’re a bit of a glossy addict, I won’t have to tell you who Paula Joye is and I won’t have to tell you twice to check out her new website.

For the rest of you (shame) Paula Joye has been a significant name in the glossy magazine market with ACP for around the last 15 years. Most recently the editor of national women’s title Madison, Paula has now left ACP and gone out on her own with online offering Life Styled. I think it is a given that ex-magazine editors (myself included) can't just give up working on magazines even if we no longer have one to work on...

It is still in its very early days, but her newsletters are well worth a look. I have received about three so far and each has been full of great fashion and beauty news as well as tips and advice from her years as an editor and beauty editor as well as tips from celebrities, models, fashionistas, stylists and make-up gurus she has met along the way. 

At the moment it is just the regular newsletter, but Paula assures readers in her latest update there will be a website up and running soon. If you haven’t already, head to to sign up, it's worth the effort.

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