Friday, June 18, 2010

Am I an email-aholic?

Email is a wonderful thing. Sometimes I wondered how I survived without it. Even this blog is simple through the joys of email as every day new and exciting products and news pops into my inbox.

Do you ever wonder though if we are a bit email crazy? I have to admit I have about half a dozen email addresses. I have the one with my mobile phone account, one with my internet account, one for work and one for my business. And of course, my hotmail. Not to mention twitter and facebook!

I can also access these accounts from home, from work or even on my iPhone and I do - compulsively. I am starting to wonder is there such a thing as too much connectivity. What do you think? Do you let email rule your life or are you in control?

So how did I get on to this topic? Yes, there was a reason. It was all because of the new Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. This new piece of technology is a touchscreen-enabled frame equipped with Wi-Fi and even has its own personal e-mail address. Yes, I will say that again – it has its own email address. You know the world has gone a little bit mad when even your home fixtures have their own email address, but I have to admit I was excited about the idea.

Kodak product manager digital capture & devices (how’s that for a title) John Hatzimanolis has a persuasive argument. “Picture this: you live in NSW,” he says. “Your parents live in WA. You just had a baby, so you give your parents a PULSE Frame to ensure that they can share in every moment of your child’s life.

“You can send pictures by email from your smartphone or even through Facebook or Kodak Gallery. With the Pulse Frame, you always have something to look forward to as the frame refreshes with new pictures.”

OK now I want one, yup I do and I don't even have baby pictures to share. Just make sure you’re careful who you give that email address too, would be kind of embarrassing if you were in the middle of a dinner party with your in-laws and a friend decided to email your frame a picture of that time you puked on the carpet/did a nudie run/something else completely inappropriate.

If this is now a must have item for you, they are available now in Australia for $179 rrp through Kodak Express.

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