Thursday, June 24, 2010

Declare your support, Edward or Jacob?

I figured since most of Australia was in the mood to declare support for either K-Rudd or Julia Gillard this was a great opportunity to get our readers to declare their support on the other most hotly contested rivaly at the moment - are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I am a huge Twilight fan and I like to think I have a special place in my heart for both men (the bad boy and the best friend) but I think my preference is slightly skewed by the fact it seems a bit wrong for a 30 year old woman to declare her undying love for Jacob. Taylor Lautner (the muscle-bound Adonis who plays Jacob) is actually only 18, which means when the last movie was filmed he was only 17. Hmmm.

So tell us what you think - are you Team Jacob or Team Edward and why and if you are ready to declare your preference in public - you can't go past one of these Lola&Bailey tote bags proclaiming your preference. $49 from

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