Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rick Hart opening new venture early

It has been all over the news in the last few weeks that WA chain Rick Hart, owned by Clive Peeters, has gone intro receivership and I am not sure if that is good or bad timing for Rick Hart (the man) who was preparing to launch a new retail venture – Kitchen Headquarters (KHQ).

Rick sold the chain branded with his name to Clive Peeters more than four years ago and now, with business partners Nicholas Kirby and Spiros Scafidas, plans to open the doors on KHW in mid-June, weeks earlier than planned.

Rich Hart says the decision to open early was to ensure WA consumers have an alternative for purchasing kitchen, cooking and laundry appliances – but I hazard a guess it is just good business sense. Taking the splash while the receivership is hot news and the opening is likely to gain media coverage as well as taking advantage to what will most likely become a hole in the WA retail market. 

“We recognised that the unfortunate circumstances with Clive Peeters could make people uncertain about where to purchase appliances, so we will be opening early in order to provide more immediate choice,” Rick says. 
“With the support of our suppliers and staff, KHQ‘s doors will open in June, offering a large range of some of the world’s most desirable, premium brand appliances.

“I’m saddened by the situation at Clive Peeters and hope that all those affected, both customers and staff, find some early resolution.”

In another interesting twist, or perhaps business-savvy, KHQ tomorrow launch a helpline for customers to call who want advice on purchasing refrigeration, laundry or kitchen appliances. Rick says the KHQ helpline offers an immediate solution for customers who need some sales support. 
The KHQ helpline number is 9205 3000 and opens tomorrow. KHQ is located at the corner of Howe St and King Edward Road, Osborne Park.

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