Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Irrational? Who me?

I am sure I am going to upset some readers when I say this, but I there are times when I think it is my right as a woman to be irrational. To be angry just because. To randomly change my mind with a moments notice. To get irrationally obsessed with a movie start/TV show/film/book. Granted I try my very best to be a rational, logical person at work - but when I get home I reserve the right to be stark raving nuts.

So I was quite excited to discover there may be a positive side to irrationality. Author and behavioural economist Dan Ariely is releasing a book called The Upside of Irrationality which looks at a heap of topics dear to my own heart including what we think makes us happy but what actually does, why learning more about people can make us like them less, how to motivate people at work and why we are motivated by revenge.

On sale July 1 for $35.

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