Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Until debt do we part?

According to a survey released by the average West Australian wedding costs $29,794. This fact isn't quite as disturbing to me as their finding that many Aussie brides and grooms are putting themselves in deep debt to pay for their dream day.

I have to admit my wedding wasn't exactly a slap up BYO affair in a backyard, but it was a wedding my husband and I could afford quite comfortably. Had we not had the funds, we would have scaled back our plans.

According to True Bride, some couples take years to pay back their wedding debt and on average weddings run around 15% over budget with an average Aussie wedding budget looking like this:

Photography: $3320
Rings: $450
Reception: $11,219
Beauty: $828
Gifts: $326
Flowers: $1041
Honeymoon: $5600
Cars: $675
Ceremony: $950
Bride's attire: $2330
Groom's attire: $282
Stationery: $675
Miscellaneous: $450

Three months on from my wedding it still amazes me how much emphasis people place on the wedding day, isn't it the marriage that really matters? Now it's time to share your wedding story. Did you blow the budget yourself or do you think this kind of over spending is out of order? Did you plan your dream wedding but sacrafice your health, happines or future financial stability to get it? Would you do the same thing all over again?

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