Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review of The A-Team

This movie is absolutely over-the-top, completely unbelievable and full of ridiculous stunts and huge explosions – and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Growing up in the 80s with an older brother I think I spent far more time watching Transformers, Knight Rider and The A-Team than I did watching their more girly counterparts (although She-ra was a firm favourite) so I guess there was a bit of sentimentality with this film.

Like the Transformers movie, The A-Team is a re-imagining of the original storyline and introduces a whole new audience to The A-Team and how they formed. Naturally it is updated for today’s society and the group become Iraq war vets who are framed after a mission goes wrong, but the same idea is still there.

I was a little disappointed BA Baraccarus lost his signature bling (not a gold chain or flashy ring in sight) but otherwise the casting was great and I think UFC fighter Rampage Jackson did a good job in the party. Liam Neeson was a great straight man playing the military commander down to a tee, I thought Bradley Cooper was great as ‘Face’ the womanising pretty boy of the group and Sharlto Copley’s portray of the insane pilot Murdock injects a lot of humour to the film.

If you are looking for a dose of reality, this film isn’t for you but if you love over-the-top explosions, cunning plans and the old good versus evil conundrum, you will definitely enjoy this film – particularly if you enjoy a dose of nostalgia.

I have to say I did feel quite old when I was talking to a colleague in her early 20s and quickly realised she thought the movie was something completely new and had absolutely no idea the TV show even existed.

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