Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Women’s secret travel business

We’ve all heard of secret women’s business but who knew Aussie women also have secret travel habits? According to lastminute.com.au, who conducted a survey of more than 800 female travelers, there are some very interesting trends to how women travel.
  • For many Aussie women on holidays, mixing with the locals is as important as sightseeing, with 40% of women admitting to having a holiday fling.
  • Whilst the majority of these romances fizzled out with the last holiday sunset, more than 10% developed a serious relationship with their holiday honey.
  • Of the women lucky enough to score a holiday romance, 15% ended up marrying their holiday hottie, with half of them having children!
  • The number one place for women to meet their far-flung fling is over drinks, with one in three holiday romances start at a pub or bar.
  • The GFC has encouraged women to use their money wisely with 50% of the ladies finance their trips upfront with hard-earned savings.
  • 72% of Aussie women say that travel is an important part of their lives, with almost half asserting that travel is “very important to crucial”.
  • A third of women say they travel to experience the world, and one in four want to take a break from their hectic lives for some R&R.
  • 15% say they travel to escape mundane reality and embark on an adventure, whilst 10% travel to visit friends and family.
lastminute.com.au spokesperson Mia Carter also says: “Nine out of 10 Aussie women book their domestic holidays online, and just over one in two book their international travel online, and we expect this figure to just keep increasing.

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