Monday, May 3, 2010

The new handbag essential

Have you ever had an urgent nail emergency or discovered an eyebrow hair gone rogue without a tweezer in sight? Well Wenger thinks they have the answer with the woman's equivalent of the Swisse Army Kife.

Stylish and petite enough to fit in a clutch at under 7cm, the Wenger Nail Clip 580, is the ideal expanding ‘survival’ tool you can pull out of your handbag in one fell swoop.

First and foremost a set of nail clippers that slides in and out of the handle, these are sharp and very functional for either fingers or toes. Also included in the stainless steel implements are a small pen blade, nail file/cleaner, and serrated-edge scissors. The serrated scissors have a self-sharpening design, so each snip will keep the edges maintained. Tweezers and toothpick are tucked into small slots on the handle.

Available in a selection of candy colours with a RRP from $49.95. 

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