Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to date a vampire

Although I definitely would stop short of calling myself a Twi-Hard, I am a big fan of Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series and vampire stories in general. I have to say I laughed out loud when I received a press release about a new book for Aussie girls obsessed with vampires - Love Bites the essential dating guide for the undead.

Claire Hooper, best known as stand-up comedian and team captain on Good News Week team, wrote the book and tackles topical issues like how to overcome the hurdles of dating a guy who can’t go out in sunlight. According to Claire, vampires do exist, and naturally most red-blooded Australian girls really, really want one.

I normally don't quote press releases - but I thought this was just too hilarious not to share!

“In Love Bites, Claire shares her insider’s knowledge, taking Aussie girls from go to whoa to vampire ho by answering questions such as:

• He’s been around for hundreds of years. Are there any pick-up lines he hasn’t heard?
• I’m the beachy type. Will my natural, healthy glow put him off?
• Does aloe vera work on fang holes? I need these ones to clear up fast, cos I have to wear an evening dress to a black-tie event next week.
• If it all goes according to plan, you’ll also need to know how to wean him onto animal blood, where to put his coffin, and how to resolve that all-important eternal life question – will you, or won’t you? (Oh, and no refunds if the 101 tips fail to deliver you a lasting vampire romance...)”

I have to say I will be at the front of the queue when this book goes on sale June 1. What about you? RRP $19.99

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