Monday, May 17, 2010

New ideas in the kitchen

Need some inspiration in the kitchen? I know I do! The June issue of Super Food Ideas has just hit the shelves. At just $2.95 it's a bargain buy I just can't pass up. If you want to save yourself the walk to the newsagents, you can find out the highlights from this issue below.

Freeze ‘n’ easy: Easy recipes you can freeze for another day.

THE MAIN MEAL: Try a meal with less meat! You can save money and help your health by adding more vegies to your diet and even do your bit for the planet.

COOK LIKE A CHEF: Everyone wants to be able to master some new techniques in the kitchen to improve their skills and impress family and friends and this new feature is here to help. This issue it’s four restaurant-style potato dishes with insider tips to teach you how.

KIDS IN THE KITCHEN: :ittle cooks doing big things Teach kids they can make nachos from scratch – not from jars – the finished result is a healthier version of this family favourite. And stock up the freezer with after-school snacks for hungry kids to feed themselves.

SWEET TALK: Just desserts cook some amazing desserts to keep in the freezer so it’s stocked to satisfy the family’s sweet tooth or to pull out for entertaining at a moments notice.

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