Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I heart photo booths

Although my wedding was nearly two months ago now, I still get very excited when I see a great wedding idea.

In the early stages of planning the wedding I fell in love with the idea having a photo booth, I had grand visions of all our friends dressed up in top hats and feather boas posing away all night. It is a great way to get your guests up (and laughing) and it also means you can build up your own photo album of guest pictures.

Unfortunately for us it came down to issues of cost and time, so we didn’t go ahead with the idea (we hired a magician to entertain guests instead – which was a real hit!) but if you’d like to pinch the idea feel free.

What’s got this idea back on my mind is one of my favourite wedding product websites, www.pinkfrosting.com.au, has just released a new product perfect for the DIY photo booth (pictured), which has got me all excited about the idea again. You can now go online and order your own customised backdrop. Presto! Instant photo booth for your friends to pose in front of.

The designs run from traditional to OTT fun, and you get to customise them with your own colours, names and wedding date. You could then use a cheap digital camera on a tripod or provide the guests with disposable cameras to snap away.

Or if you’d like that touch of kitsch you can only get from a genuine old school photo booth – check out www.pushthebuttonphotobooths.com.au or www.perthphotobooths.com.au for two options for hire right here in Perth.

Oh and I suppose you could use the idea for a birthday or anniversary as well…

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