Friday, May 7, 2010

Obsessed with IKEA

I have joined the many millions of people around the world who are obsessed with IKEA. I love the new store they opened at Innaloo, it is like a wonderland of amazing things all designed to make our house and life a better place. The fact that each item may take a full Saturday just to unpack and put together often doesn't even factor in to my buying decisions.

I went there on the Easter long weekend and it was a good think we didn't have a lot of time (car breakdown - long story) to shop or I think I would have brought home half the store instead of just the chest of drawers I went there to get. As it was I also 'had to have' a heap of other drawer related accessories like handy organiser inserts to go into the drawers to keep my underwear in all near little compartments. Oh - and we didn't end up buying the drawers we went there for that were on sale, but a completely different set. You will have to agree these are pretty stylish though.

So what about everyone else? Am I alone in my IKEA obsession or is there some other kind of homewares that sends you weak at the knees?

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