Friday, September 3, 2010

Oxford dictionary moves with the times

I can’t believe the Oxford English Dictionary is hanging up the proverbial hat and admitting dictionaries are no longer needed as a hard copy product.

While it is good to see a company moving with the times, I do think there is something sad about losing this old tradition. There is something special about having so many words written down in the one place – or maybe that’s just me?

Bestselling British author and journalist Simon Winchester has backed the move by Oxford University Press to bring out the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary in online format only. 
Winchester, who is in Australia to promote his new book, Atlantic, says that Oxford University Press is doing what is right and proper for consumers. 

“My view is they are entirely prescient in bringing the OED out in digital format only,” he says. “Although I will certainly regret the Oxford English Dictionary’s passing as a book, this is a move that is being repeated all over the world and its really only bowing to the inevitable."

In case you are interested (or even if you're not), Oxford dictionary’s word for the day is bouillon. The online dictionary is available at

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