Thursday, September 16, 2010

Am I a suburbist?

I have realised something important about myself today – I am a suburbist. Now I am not proud of this fact as I pride myself on not being ‘ist’ about anything, but when I had to sign up for a PO Box for my new business (more about that soon) I found myself turning my nose up at certain locations.

It seemed preferable to me to drive long distances to collect my mail rather than associating my name with a suburb I didn’t feel worked with my brand. Nuts? Probably.

As it so happens fate slapped me with the ‘serves you right’ stick anyway and after all my deep thought about the best location to showcase on my business cards – only one location even remotely plausible had any boxes the right size available.

Hello Wangara.

So what about you? Have you ever found yourself being suburbist? For those of you who live in WA and know what I am talking about, do you have any words of reassurance for me that Wangara is actually a very hip place all set to become the next fashion capital of Perth? Please, anyone?

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