Monday, November 8, 2010

Millions of peaches, peaches for me

Why is it that even if we know something is good for us, we will go ahead and do it anyway? Take myself just a short while ago. Despite all the array of delicious new summer fruits on offer at the markets, I was captivated by the ripe deliciousness of the peaches, so I bought two.

So far so good right? Did I forget to mention, I am allergic to the fuzzy skin on the outside of a peach? Now you’ve got the picture. So fast forward half an hour until I am home and trying with great difficulty and determination to peel a peach. Have you ever tried this? I don’t recommend it.

One hour later, I peeled the peach, ate it and I have a rash on my face and a lovely wheezy asthmatic cough to prove my achievement. Now I am just left with the question - why is it that we are sometimes just incapable of avoiding things that are bad for us? Are we all really just gluttons for punishment? After all - I still have a second peach.

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