Monday, November 15, 2010

It's the simple things

Isn't it amazing how the little things can really make your day? For me this week it was these flowers. I bought these from Drovers in Currambine last Monday. They were $4.95 a bunch.

Normally you've got no chance of getting any kind of decent flowers for under $5 but I figured if they were on their way out, at least they'd brighten the place up for a few days and give me something to smile about each time I walk past them.

This photo was taken a few minutes ago. It's been a full week and they are still going strong and they're still making me smile.

What little thing has made you smile this week?


  1. Don't forget to add a little bleach and fresh water, this will help the bacteria stay away a little bit longer and they will last for an extra few days.

  2. Bleach? I didn't know that one. I've always cut the stems regularly on a diagonal and added sugar to the water. Will have to try that!