Monday, January 25, 2010

Why men want sex & women need love

There's nothing I like more than a good healthy dose of sexual stereotypes in my literature - you know the type - Men are From Mars & Women are From Venus style summaries of what women (and men) do and don't want.

So I'd be interested to hear what readers think of the release of upcoming book Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love due to release on - you guessed it - Valentine's Day. Written by husband and wife publishing team Allan & Barbara Pease, this book covers such hot topics as hot to flirt, dating etiquette, what gifts to buy for Valentines Day, why women are insecure about Valentine's Day and how men and women are different.

I can't help but think if they are helping women discover happiness or just furthering the stereotype? I know women who are looking for sex and couldn't give two hoots about falling in love and men who are desperate to find the one woman who completes them - so how do they fit in?

What do you think? Are self help guides there to give us direction or are they partly responsible for reinforcing the gender stereotypes? Or is this book the guide you have always been searching for?

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