Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When in Rome

There is something just irresistible to me about a romcom (romantic comedy for those uninitiated of you out there). Granted, some of them can be done badly - but rarely do they fail to fill their role as light entertainment guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you leave the cinema.

There is no doubt When in Rome fits the bill. I saw the preview of this last week and if anything, this is better than most films in this category. It has some really genuine laugh out loud moments, the story has a few original spots and it has the handsome Josh Duhamal (Fergie's husband) to ensure your eyes stay on the screen. Even my husband was moderately entertained. 

I think I was also especially interested in this film as I was actually in Rome myself in the Easter week and New York the week after so seeing these two cities on film, was really interesting. 

A great movie for a lighthearted girls night or to take your mum.

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