Friday, October 22, 2010

The world's coolest toaster

How much do you love this toaster? I think I’d waltz it down the aisle and marry it if bigamy wasn’t illegal in this country.

OK, I actually don’t have one and I have never even seen it in the flesh (so to speak) but I think this is the coolest product pic I have seen for a while. Can you imagine impressing all your friends by whipping this out and cooking them the most uber-stylish breakfast they've ever had?

How would you ever burn your toast again if you can see it AS IT COOKS? I wasn't sure if it would actually just let all the heat out through the sides, but apparently they're a special clear double insulated glass to stop the heat escaping.

This nifty little idea was voted GQ magazine “One of the 50 Best Things on the World Right Now” and won the Grand Innovation Prize at the Foire De Paris trade show.

The only downside for me is it is also a tad more expensive than your usual generic brand toaster. The Magimix Vision toaster has a recommended retail price of $499. Totally worth it.

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